General Contracting
NuAge Builders is responsible for the overall coordination of the project. We provide all the materials, labor, equipment and services necessary to make your project successful. We will work with you and your architect to design the space you are envisioning. Our team will coordinate and obtain all necessary permits and approvals, provide you with an estimate, and take proactive measures to meet your desired project schedule. It is our responsibility to secure and coordinate several quality subcontractors and resources.

Metal Building Contractor/ Steel Erector
NuAge Builders is a leader in construction and erection of complete Commercial, Industrial and Agricultural buildings. We will provide you with the best quality pre-engineered steel building in the industry. Combining pre-engineered metal buildings into a design-build project contributes to a streamlined schedule and controls the budget. Metal buildings can be customized to fit your operational needs, and they can be designed to include various architectural features, color combos, and unique features.

Competitive Bid (Bid/Build)
An architect is hired and completes the design process without the involvement of the contractor. Construction documents are finalized, and the project is sent out for multiple vendors and providers to bid. Bids are provided based on the total cost to complete the project and the selection of the contractor is based on low responsible price alone. Competitive bidding allows transparency, equality of opportunity and the ability to demonstrate that the outcomes represent the best value.

Construction Management at Risk (CMAR)
Through this method, NuAge Builders will act as an Owner's representative to coordinate the bidding, construction, schedule, onsite supervision and subcontractors. NuAge Builders would be heavily involved in the design process, working with the owner and architect to create the best possible project for the owner within their budget. This method of collaboration helps the owner to receive the best value for their dollar and reduces the owner’s risk.

When you partner with NuAge Builders for our efficient design/build services, you benefit from a team approach when the owner selects the architect and contractor together. This results in a streamlined, straight forward process. This method allows for us to produce the most accurate design to match your vision. We will work closely with you to determine the specific needs for your commercial project, then provide a cost estimate. We manage the architect, engineers, and subcontractors, many of them longtime partners, which helps keep the project on time and on budget.

With this option NuAge Builders would provide you our general contracting and construction management services throughout the process. It is our responsibility to design and construct the project since we will own and finance the building. Once the project if finalized, we can lease it back to you and depending on the type of lease, you may or may not own the building in the end.

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